Thursday, February 3, 2011


Is it already happening again, ANOTHER deployment? Although I must admit I feel like our relationship has been one huge deployment. You see, I am not only dating a Naval Officer but we are also in a long distance relationship and have been going strong for about 2 years now. When my man is not deployed he is stationed in Hawaii and I live in Texas finishing up college.

How do I do it? Is a question I get asked a lot. To that I usually reply, "I really don't know how I do it, it surprises me too. I just try and take things day by day." Which is entirely true, because before when I would find myself looking too far into the days to come before we'd be together next, I'd become weak and throw endless pity parties for myself. Now who wants to be in a relationship of any kind with someone like that? Definitely not me!

After days of trying to snap myself out of my initial hysteria, I realized the only way I was personally going to survive was to take our long distance love one day at a time and concentrate on the little everyday things that we did have together. What are those things? They are the little sweet text messages, the inside jokes, looking forward to a simple phone call, the daily e-mail (when he's deployed), surprise food deliveries, surprises of any nature and especially the planning of the next time we are going to see each other. Easier said than done thats for damn sure! But after nearly 2 years of this method I am going to toot my own horn and call it a success! TOOT! TOOT!

Back to today, the last time I saw my love was in November right before Thanksgiving since then he's been deployed to Japan getting ready to leave on cruise which should happen sometime soon. Hopefully, if everything goes as planned he is scheduled to return sometime in late summer but if you're dating someone in the military you know how easily plans can get changed and rearranged (advice to new military girlfriends, don't set your heart on one specific date of when you're love will be back..always add some time from what he tells you just to save your hopes from getting up too high).

After August I will only have about 9 months left in Texas and then we can finally live in the same city/state again! I'm definitely looking forward to that more than anything and I figure August-May will be some smooth sailing!


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